Transferring into the Athletic Training Program

Transfer students, and students who have changed their major to athletic training will be considered for admission into the ATP. These students may be able to complete the program in a seven semester academic plan, depending on the number of General Education requirements that were previously fulfilled. Transfer/Change of major students may apply for formal ATP admission at the end of their first semester at WIU if having met all of the requirements as listed in the "Admission Requirements to the ATP". Transfer/Change of Major students, regardless of their current academic standing, must complete all required coursework of the ATP.

If a transfer student has courses that are considered Western Illinois University equivalent courses to any of the ATP required courses (clinical competencies contained in them), then the department academic advisor and Program Director must review the request for course transfer. All courses with competencies in them must be taken at Western Illinois University, therefore, all transfer substitutions in ATP required courses are denied. A student can write an appeal to the department for a transfer substitution. If the student requests to appeal for a transfer substitution that has been denied, then the student must agree to an exam that will satisfy the course competencies prior to granting the course substitution. However, the student applying for an appeal of a transfer substitution must pass the specific course content area with a 70% passing score. If the student fails to achieve the 70% passing score, they must enroll in the required course at Western Illinois University. If a transfer student has courses within the athletic training major and requests a substitution consideration, the department academic advisor and Program Director will review the request to determine acceptance or denial of the substitution. Consideration of acceptance for the substitution request may involve competency testing for the student to receive credit for major courses in athletic training as a substitution.

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