Admission to the Athletic Training Program

Western Illinois University’s AT Program will accept 18-22 students each semester. Each prospective student is required to apply for admission by the end of the semester in which the prerequisites will be completed. The application process is explained and discussed in both the AT 100 and AT 110 classes. The materials for application are provided to students in the AT 110 course. Students with a higher academic standing may apply and will be given equal consideration, with the understanding that they must complete the entire academic plan for their specific situation. Please be sure to meet with your academic advisor for appropriate course selections.

Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission into the AT Program:

  1. Complete and pass AT 100.
  2. Complete and pass AT 110.
  3. Complete and pass Anatomy & Physiology I.
  4. Provide verification of First Aid & CPR training.
  5. Earn a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 in all coursework.
  6. Earn a Grade Point Average in the Major of 3.0.
  7. Complete an Academic Progress Grade Sheet.
  8. Complete the AT Program Application.
  9. Interview with the AT Program Review Committee.
  10. Submit two WIU AT Program Reference Evaluation forms from two references.
  11. Submit a one-page essay which includes an explanation as to the decision to major in athletic training at WIU.
  12. Complete and pass all first year clinical competencies and proficiencies.
  13. Three evaluations from WIU student mentors submitted during the clinical observation rotations as part of the AT 110 course.
  14. Three evaluations from WIU Certified Athletic Trainers submitted during the clinical observation rotations as part of the AT 110 course.
  15. Complete a minimum of 30 hours of Clinical Rotation Observation.
  16. Complete a criminal background check.

The above criteria will be used for admittance into the AT Program. The AT Program Review Committee will be responsible for the selection of qualified candidates to enter the AT Program. The AT Program Review Committee is comprised of AT Program faculty, full-time Athletics AT staff, the Kinesiology Department Academic Advisor, a student from the Department of Kinesiology, and the Kinesiology Department Chair. A rating form for admission is used to objectively measure each candidate’s admission criteria. Each admission criteria has a point value associated with it as noted on the Final Rating Form for Admission. In the event that there are more qualified applicants than can be accommodated by the program, those applicants with the highest point total will be accepted into the AT Program. In the event that there are students with the same point total, the student with the higher grade point average in all coursework will be admitted. Students will be notified, in writing, of the outcomes of their application and interview in a timely manner and will begin their athletic training experience in the following semester. Students who are not accepted into the program may reapply for admission the following semester, or may appeal the denial through the appeals process. Anyone denied admittance and who intend to reapply, must schedule a meeting with the Program Director within the first two weeks of the following semester.

Students who fail to submit all of the admission materials for admission into the AT Program will not be considered.