IDT Web Design Minor

The Web Design minor is a new minor program that focuses on preparing students to design websites. The minor includes four required courses (12 sh) that cover web design, interactive authoring software, digital imagery, and publishing web-based products. The minor prepares students who will be working in the rapidly growing fields that require the design of Internet websites. Three additional IDT electives (9 sh) can be selected from a wide range of courses that cover graphic design software, video production, photography, and interactive multimedia.

Required Core Courses & Directive Electives:    

Core Courses……………………….12 s.h.
IDT 205, 250, 345, 351idt_web_design_minor

Directed Electives…………………...9 s.h.
Select 9 sh. from the following courses:
IDT 200, 221, 230, 235, 240, 310, 330, 355,
360, 390, 406, 408, 433, 440, 445, 460, 480.

Required Core Descriptions:

IDT 205 Computing for Instructional Trainers. (3)
Introduces a variety of computer software applications used by instructional technologists in the field. Also, includes principles of visual literacy for electronic application and the selection and trouble-shooting of computer hardware.

IDT 250 Introduction to Web-Based Instruction. (3)
Introductory experiences in creating and publishing web-based instructional materials. Emphasizes the use of markup languages as well as editing software. Also includes basic principles of user-centered design and website maintenance.
Prerequisite: IDT 200 or permission of the instructor.

IDT 345 Electronic Imagery. (3)
A survey course of electronic imagery including digital still imaging, 3D modeling, and virtual reality (VR) movies as used in electronic media and photographic applications.
Prerequisite: IDT 205.

IDT 351 Intermediate Web-Based Instruction. (3)
Development of functional skills in creating and publishing web-based instructional products. Emphasizes the utilization of content editors, DHTML, and streaming technologies for online instruction.
Prerequisite: IDT 250 or permission of the instructor.