IDT Digital Media Minor

The Digital Media minor reflects a stronger focus on manipulating instructional imagery.
The core classes in this minor provide students with a background in the instructional design process; capture of digital stills and video images for use in instructional media; editing and post production of video clips and soundtracks to produce instructional video; and creation of 3D models and animation for illustration or instructional video.

Required Core Courses & Directed Electives:

Core Courses……………………….12 s.h.
IDT 221, 345, 360, 433

Directed Electives.............................9 s.h.
Select 9 sh. from the following courses:
IDT 200, 205, 230, 240, 250, 310, 330,
355, 390, 406, 408, 440, 445, 460

Required Core Descriptions:

IDT 221  Introduction to Instructional Multimedia (3)
Introduction to developing multimedia instructional materials. Includes basic design and development guidelines as well as an introduction to representative multimedia instructional development.

IDT 345 Electronic Imagery (3)
Practical experiences in digital video and electronic still imaging as used in media and photographic applications. The course culminates in a computer presentation that incorporates electronic images.
Prerequisites: IDT 240

I DT 360 Instructional Video (3)
Introduction to basic instructional video production techniques including camera handling, lighting, and digitial editing for training and multimedia programs.

IDT 433 Instructional Three-Dimensional Modeling and Animation (3)
Instructional uses of three-dimensional modeling and animation are explored in including basic modeling tools, virtual camera controls, materials, video production, and lighting.
Prerequisite: IDT 240