Instructional Methods and Training Degree Option

The field of instructional technology is growing and diversifying. As this occurs, a need arises for practitioners to specialize into well-recognized sub-fields. Graduates of the IDT undergraduate program are experiencing this need to focus on relevant specializations.

Currently, and well into the foreseeable future, practitioners of instructional technology are called upon to be experts in the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of instructional materials and methods for use in corporate and higher education training.

The Instructional Methods and Training option will allow students to have this important sub-field designated on their transcripts.  By so doing, it will increase their ability to find employment as designers and developers of multimedia and web-based instruction, as well as provide a sharper focus for their professional career goals.

Careers in this option
    Training Project Coordinator
    Learning and Development Specialist
    Training Specialist
    Project Manager

Bachelor Degree Course Requirements
Core Course: 22 s.h. - IDT 200, 205, 221, 310, 345, 390, 496

Instructional Methods and Training   Courses: IDT 235, 360, 445, 451: 12 s.h.

  1. Directed Electives: select 12 s.h. from IDT 230, 240, 250, 340, 351, 355, 406, 408, 433, 440, 460, 480, 489
  2. Minor 16-24 s.h.
  3. Open Electives 7-15 s.h.


IDT 200 Introduction to Instructional Technology  Required  Core Course 
IDT 205 Computing for Instructional Trainers  Required  Core Course 
IDT 221 Introduction to Authoring Instructional Materials    Required   Core Course 
IDT 230 Introduction to Interactive Applications
IDT 235 Instructional Materials Development
IDT 240 Photography I
IDT 250 Introduction to Web-Based Instruction

IDT 310 Principles of Instructional Design  Required  Core Course 
IDT 330 Instructional Project Management
IDT 340 Advanced Photography
IDT 345 Electronic Imagery  Required  Core Course
IDT 355 Instructional Simulation and Gaming
IDT 351 Intermediate Web-Based Instruction
IDT 360 Instructional Video
DT 390 Telecommunications and Interactive Distance Learning    Required   Core Course 

IDT 406 Advanced Topics in Photography
IDT 408 Large Format Photography
IDT 433 Instructional Three-Dimensional Modeling and Animation
IDT 440 Developing Computer-Based Instruction
IDT 445 Advanced Interactive Multimedia
IDT 451 Implementing and Facilitating Instruction
IDT 455 Instructional Simulation and Gaming
IDT 460 Instructional Virtual Reality Design
IDT 480 Design of Web-Based Instruction
IDT 489 Independent Study
IDT 496 Senior Portfolio and Resume Preparation  Required  Core Course