Richard A. Thurman Richard A. Thurman, Ph.D.


Horrabin Hall 97

Research and Teaching Interests: Educational Computing, Instructional Multimedia, Instructional Simulation, Distributed Training, Web-Based Training, Cognition and Instruction, Virtual Environment-Based Instruction




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Ph.D. - Instructional Science - Brigham Young University
      Emphasis: computers in Education
      Dissertation title: The Effect of Temporal Position of Reviews on Retention of a    Paired-Associate Task.
      Committee: R. Sudweeks, P. Merrill, R. Osguthorpe

 B.S. - Psychology - Brigham Young University     

Selected Publications

In K. M. Stanney (Ed.), Handbook of Virtual Environments (pp 857-872). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Thurman, R. A., & Russo, T. (2000). Using virtual reality for training. In H. F. O'Niel & D. H. Andrews (Eds.), Aircrew Training: Methods, Technologies, and Assessments (pp 85-104). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Andrews, D. H., & Thurman, R. A. (2000). An instructional systems development primer: Definitions, models, and utility guidelines. In H. F. O'Niel & D. H. Andrews (Eds.), Aircrew Training: Methods, Technologies. and Assessments (pp 37-52). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Oneil, H. F., Mayer, R. E., Herl, C. N., Olin, K. & Thurman, R. A. (2000). Instructional Strategies for virtual aviation training environments. In H. F. O'Niel & D. H. Andrews
(Eds.), Aircrew Training: Methods. Technologies, and Assessments (pp 105-130). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Thurman, R., & Mowafy, L. (2000, April). Using Virtual Realitv Displavs for Pilot Instruction. Presentation at the annual meeting of the National Consortium for Instruction and Cognition, Orlando Fl.

Thurman, R., & Dunlap, R. (1999, November). Assessing the effectiveness of simulator-based training. Paper presented at the Interservice/Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference, Orlando FL.

Selected Presentations/Workshops

Thurman, A., & Harris, B. (2010). Curriculum alignment in an online master’s degree program in instructional design and technology. International Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Anaheim, CA.

Subjects Taught  

IDT 200 Introduction to Instructional Technology

IDT 205 Computing for Instructional Trainers

IDT 230 Introduction to Interactive Applications

IDT 455 Instructional Simulations and Gaming

IDT 460 Instructional Virtual Reality Design

IDT 505 Foundations of Instructional Technology

IDT 561 Instructional Simulations and Gaming

Selected Publications/Articles

Allwardt, D. (forthcoming). Teaching with Wikis: A Cautionary Tale of Technology in the Classroom.  Journal of Social Work Education.

Allwardt, D. (2010).  [Review of the book Lifting our voices: The journeys into family caregiving of professional social workers by J.O. Beckett].  Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 53(6), 568-570.

José, H., Parreira, P., Thorson, J.A., & Allwardt, D. (2007).  A factor-analytic study of the Multidimensional Sense of Humor Scale with a Portuguese sample.  North American Journal of Psychology, 9(3), 591-606.

Allwardt, D. A. & Anderson, D. K. (2006). Cultural competent health care practice with elders. [8 electronic modules]. MedEdPORTAL. Available from:, ID = 254.

Grant Activities

Allwardt, D. & Zellmann, K. (2008-2011). Curriculum Development Institute Program.  Award: $5,000 + up to $3,500 travel expenses. Grantor: Hartford Foundation and the Gero-Ed Center.

Selected Presentations

Allwardt, D. (2010, October). “A Historical View of Gerontological Social Work: The Contributions of Ollie Randall”.  Paper presented at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting, Portland, OR.

Allwardt, D. (2010, March). “In Search of the Long-term Nursing Aide.”  Poster presented at the                American Society on Aging’s Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Allwardt, D., & Venzon, J. (2009, November). “What went wrong with the Wiki?” Paper co-presented at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting, San Antonio, TX.


National Association of Social Workers; Gerontological Society of America;
American Society on Aging; Council on Social Work Education; Society for Social Work and Research

Awards and Recognitions

Diversity and Multicultural Leadership Faculty Award. Spring 2007.
Nancy Coney Faculty of the Year Award.  Spring 2007.