IDT 499 Instructional Technology Internship

The Instructional Technology Internship provides qualified students with a supervised opportunity of practice work experience in various career options. The IDT internship is an opportunity for students to apply and expand their education, gain valuable professional experience, build confidence in their abilities, and explore careers in their field. The contacts made during an internship can provide invaluable advice and guidance as well as lead to a permanent job offer.


Prior to registering for IDT 499, you need to have a) completed the IDT core courses with at least a 3.0 GPA, b) have no Incomplete (I) grades, c) successfully completed the University Writing Exam, d) done at least one IDT 489 project, and e) attended the Internship Orientation. An internship is between six and 12 semester hours. You must fill out and submit the IDT 499 Request to Register form and obtain approval from the IDT Department Chair prior to registering.  


The IDT Internship Manual contains the guidelines, process, location and mentor selection, student responsibilities, and required internship forms.

499 Internship Manual
499 Internship Request to Register form
499 Internship Agreement
499 Internship Waiver

Download 499 Student Reports:
Weekly Activity Reports
Final Evaluation

Download 499 Mentor Reports:
Mentor Midterm Report
Mentor Final Report

Examples of Past Internships

Argonne National Laboratory

Atomic Learning

Black Hawk College


Carthage Veterinary Service

Central State Bank

Deere & Company

Forsythe Technology

Kraft Foods

McDonough District Hospital

State Farm Insurance Companies