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The WIU IESMA Student Chapter - The Emergency Management Student Organization

This page is the official web site of the Western Illinois University Student Organization - The WIU IESMA Student Chapter.

For a current listing of upcoming meetings, activities, and announcements click HERE.  

The WIU IESMA (Illinois Emergency Services Management Association) Student Chapter is the Emergency Management Student Organization for Western Illinois University.

The WIU IESMA Student Chapter holds the distinction of being the first and only university affiliate of IESMA.  IESMA is Illinois' statewide non-governmental professional association for the emergency management community. Click HERE for more information on the IESMA affiliation.   

The goals of the WIU IESMA Student Chapter include:

A. To promote student interest in the profession of emergency management

B. To provide additional opportunities for interactions between students and faculty, and to facilitate off-campus networking opportunities 

C. To support training and/or educational activities and professional development opportunities outside of the classroom

D. To provide a forum to represent emergency management student's interests within the IESMA organization 

E. To provide a forum in which students can provide service to the emergency management profession, community, and university

Membership in the organization is open to all emergency management majors and minors, as well as other Western Illinois University students who are interested in the emergency management profession. 

For more information about the WIU IESMA Student Chapter please contact the organization's President Carrie Carlson at or the organization's academic advisor Dr. Heriberto Urby at 

Upcoming Meetings & Activities & Announcements 

Meetings for Spring Semester 2014 (Updated 02-26-14)

  • Future Dates to be Announced in This Space
  • Monday 00-00-0000 at 00:00pm in Room Lorem Ipsum #00
  • Contact President Carrie Carlson at for information on upcoming meetings.


Activities for Spring Semester 2014 (Updated 02-25-14)

  • Thursday, February, 27, 2014 - Campus Visit: Guest Lecture from Mr. Tim Gleason, City of Washington, 11:15am in Room 213 Stipes Hall
  • Saturday, March 1, 2014 - Volunteer Activity: Tazewell County Severe Weather Seminar, Central Illinois Weather Net, Morton, Illinois
  • Friday, May 01, 2014 - Off-Campus Conference: IESMA Annual Meeting in Normal Illinois


Tazewell County Severe Weather Seminar on Saturday March 1, 2014

  • Posted 02-20-14

A seminar concerning severe weather events is taking place in Morton, Illinois on Saturday March 1, 2014.  More information is available at


WIU-IESMA Social Media Facebook Page Moderated by Carrie Carlson
  • Posted 01-17-14

President Carrie Carlson moderates a WIU IESMA Facebook page to facilitate communication amongst the organization's members.  While that page is not an official university page, it does serve as a forum for the organization's members to communicate with one-another and it is updated regularly.  For more information on that page contact President Carlson at   The Facebook page is available at   

Current Slate of Officers for 2013 - 2014 Academic Year 

Spring 2014 Semester

  • President - Carrie Carlson  
    • Email:
  • Vice President - Angelina Raymond
    • Email:
  • Secretary - Blake Pettinelli
    • Email:
  • Treasurer - Angelina Raymond
    • Email:
  •  Faculty Advisor - Dr. Heriberto Urby
    • Email:

These officers were elected on 09-12-13 to serve for the Fall Semester 2013 and Spring Semester 2014. The next election for officers for Academic Year 2014-2015 will be held in Mid-September 2014. 

  IESMA (Illlinois Emergency Services Management Association) Affiliation 

The WIU IESMA Student Chapter is affiliated with the Illinois Emergency Services Management Association or IESMA.  The WIU IESMA Student Chapter holds the distinction of being the first and only officially recognized university affiliate of the statewide professional organization. 

Dr. Jack Rozdilsky is a member of the IESMA Student Affairs and Education Committee and he coordinates external relations between the IESMA organization and the WIU IESMA Student Chapter.  Dr. Rozdilsky can be contacted at

IESMA's stated tasks include acting as the voice of emergency management, serving as the conduit from local to state and federal agencies, and utilizing a collaborative platform to enhance the emergency management profession through mutual aid services, public relations and professional standards.  IESMA's membership is comprised of professional emergency managers, emergency management staff and private sector partners across the State of Illinois.(1)  For more information visit the IESMA website which is available at:   

Listing of Past WIU IESMA Student Chapter Officers

The current WIU IESMA officers and members honor the organization's past officers and participants for building the organization to what it is today.  Below is a partial listing of those persons who have provided substantial contributions to the WIU IESMA Student Chapter in the past.

2013-2014 Academic Year Officers

Fall 2013 Officers

  • Past President: Carrie Carlson
  • Past Vice President: Andrew Gillespie-Connor
  • Past Secretary: Blake Pettinelli
  • Past Treasurer: Angelina Raymond
  • Past Academic Advisor: Dr. Heriberto Urby

2012-2013 Academic Year Officers  

Spring 2013 Officers

  • Past President: Kristina Johnson
  • Past Vice President: Sam Simmons
  • Past Secretary: Blake Pettinelli
  • Past Treasurer:
  • Past Academic Advisor: Dr. Heriberto Urby 

  Fall 2012 Officers

  • Past President: Mark Clough
  • Past Vice President: Bethany Brooks
  • Past Secretary: Timothy McClure
  • Past Treasurer: Christopher Dodd
  • Past Academic Advisor: Dr. Heriberto Urby 

2011-2012 Academic Year Officers  

Spring 2012 Officers

  • Past President: Mick Fleming
  • Past Vice President:
  • Past Secretary:
  • Past Treasurer:
  • Past Academic Advisor: Dr. Jack Rozdilsky

   Fall 2011 Officers

  • Past President: Angie Garson 
  • Past Vice President: Mick Fleming 
  • Past Secretary: John McDonald 
  • Past Treasurer: Mark Clough
  • Past Academic Advisor: Dr. Jack Rozdilsky 

2010-2011 Academic Year Officers  

Spring 2011 Officers

  • Past President: Zach Gilstrap
  • Past Vice President:
  • Past Secretary:
  • Past Treasurer:
  • Past Academic Co-Advisors: Dr. Nancy Parsons & Dr. Jack Rozdilsky  

Fall 2010 Officers

  • Past President:  
  • Past Vice President:  
  • Past Secretary:  
  • Past Treasurer: 
  • Past Academic Co-Advisors: Dr. Nancy Parsons & Dr. Jack Rozdilsky 

2009-2010 Academic Year Officers 

Spring 2010 Officers

  • Past President: 
  • Past Vice President:
  • Past Secretary:
  • Past Treasurer:
  • Past Academic Co-Advisors: Dr. Nancy Parsons & Dr. Jack Rozdilsky  

Fall 2009 Officers

  • Past President:  
  • Past Vice President:  
  • Past Secretary:  
  • Past Treasurer: 
  • Past Academic Co-Advisors: Dr. Nancy Parsons & Dr. Jack Rozdilsky 

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