Health Sciences & Social Work

photo of Heriberto Urby

Heriberto Urby, Jr., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Stipes 402H
Phone: 309/298-1531

Ph.D., University of North Texas

Teaching Interests: Legal aspects of emergency management, international emergency management, public policy

Research Interests: Related to issues important to Emergency Management and professional emergency managers viewed from various inter- and multi-disciplinary lenses (e.g., law and ethics, public administration, public policy, international aspects, etc.); Disaster Professionalism; Legal Aspects of Emergency Management; and Preparedness and Response

Biographical information: Dr. Heriberto Urby, Jr. is an Assistant Professor in the Emergency Management Program in the Department of Health Sciences. He presently teaches emergency management courses in the undergraduate program. He served previously in various capacities at several well-regarded universities in Texas. Dr. Urby, also an attorney, studied emergency management under Professor David A. McEntire, the 2010 recipient of the Dr. B. Wayne Blanchard Award for Academic Excellence in Emergency Management Higher Education. Under Dr. McEntire's direction, Dr. Urby was afforded the opportunity to study and publish book chapters pertaining to several Latin American Emergency Management Systems: Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica, and Mexico. He has presented his work on Paraguay and Mexico at the Emergency Management Institute FEMA Higher Education Conference in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Dr. Urby's dissertation, titled "Perceptions of Disaster Professionalism in Mexico: Adding a New Public Management Perspective to Emergency Management," is cutting-edge research, especially as to how disaster professionalism can be improved which, thus, increases emergency managers' effectiveness. Dr. Urby wishes to help educate the next generation of effective emergency management professionals. In his spare time, Dr Urby enjoys walking, gardening, travelling and attending athletic events.