Gloria Delany-Barmann
Greetings! Thank you for your interest in the Department of Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies. The Department of Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies (ELIS), has been an integral part of teacher preparation in the College of Education and Human Services from its inception. All teacher candidates at Western take the four course professional sequence of EIS 202: Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education; EIS 301:Cognition, Development and Motivation in Academic Settings; EIS 305 Measurement and Assessment of Learning in Academic Settings; and EIS 401: Educational Law and Policy taught by faculty in the department.  In addition, the department offers the Bilingual/Bicultural major for undergraduate teacher education candidates. 
We take learning and scholarship seriously, and our faculty members are highly student centered. In this light, the department of Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies is proud to showcase two of our foundations professors, Dr. Tom Cody and Dr. Andrea Hyde in the Meet the Professor videos. More “Meet the Professor” videos will appear in the coming months, so be sure to check back with us soon.      -Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann, Chairperson








 Dr. Thomas Cody

Dr. Cody joined the Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies Department, formerly known as the Department of Educational Foundations in August 1995. He is the graduate coordinator for the Master of Science and Education for the Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies Department and specializes in Educational Psychology. His research interest include classroom management strategies, issues of bullying in schools, adverse students. Other research interests include motivation and leadership in relation to schools and sports.  Dr. Cody teaches educational psychology  and assessment at both the undergraduate and graduate level courses.  These courses include, but not limited to, EIS 303- Classroom Management and Field Work in Academic Settings, EIS 500- Methods of Research and EIS 570- Seminar in College Teaching. 








Dr. Andrea Hyde

Dr. Andrea Hyde graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007 with a PhD in Social and Comparative Analysis of Education. She moved to the Quad Cities with her husband, Howard, in 2008 when she joined the Department of Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies (currently known as the Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies Department). As an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies, Dr. Hyde teaches courses in social foundations of education (EIS 585), including philosophy of education (EIS 501) and social theories. She also teaches qualitative research (EIS 504), is engaged in two school-based research projects and supervises masters and doctoral theses for the department’s M.S.Ed. and Ed.D. programs. In addition, Dr. Hyde teaches undergraduate courses-Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education (EIS 202) and Educational Law & Policy-EIS 401(G), for Western’s teacher education program. Her scholarship includes yoga and mindfulness in education and these activities connect to critical theory and social justice education.