Molly McKeoghMolly McKeogh

Molly McKeogh is a third year graduate student at Western Illinois University. She received her Master of Science degree in Sport Management in 2011 and is currently finishing up her second Master of Science in the College Student Personnel program. Molly works with Beu Health Education and Outreach (2011-2012) with a large focus on studying “hook-up” culture on college campuses. She also worked with Campus Recreation Special Events (2009-2011) and has held Practicum positions with Athletics Academic Advising, Admissions, and the CSMMD office. She received her Bachelor of Arts in history and gender studies from Loyola University Maryland in 2009.

Molly’s focus for working with the Center includes researching the role females play in the collegiate world sometimes known as Guyland. She also specializes in working with male athletes (Division I and recreational). As an athlete herself in college and a supervisor of intramurals, Molly saw the hyper-masculine culture of the sports world and its harmful effects on our society and often considered her role in this.

Molly wants to continue her work with the Center because she believes that continuing to challenge others’ ideas of gender may change the world.