Sean DixonSean Dixon

Sean Dixon is an instructor at Western Illinois University teaching Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication - Journalism (1989) from Illinois State University and his Master of Science (2010) in Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Social Foundations from Western Illinois University.  

For the past 10 years, Sean has been involved in facilitating and advising national and local men's groups.  His thesis, The Need for Men's Centers on College Campuses, explores the value of critical analysis of gender identity as it applies to college men from a cultural context using Gender Role Conflict theory, feminist theories, Queer theory, and Critical Race theory as the sociological theoretical framework.  He co-authored Masculinities Reviewed and Reinterpreted - Using a Critical Approach to Working with Men in Groups with Tracy Davis and James La Prad.  

Sean is the co-adviser of WIU's Men Advocating Nonviolence group and has completed Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention training (aka. Victim Services' Crisis Intervention training) and is currently pursuing Domestic Abuse Prevention Project (DAPP) training with the intention of facilitating DAPP and bystander intervention programs in Illinois.