Men Advocating Nonviolence - Resources

Men Advocating Nonviolence aims to provide a safe space for those that participate in our conversations and programs. The information presented is meant to be helpful and educational, though it may also trigger emotional responses from our participants. We encourage you to utilize any of the following resources as you see fit. MAN and the groups below will provide support to those who need it.


Interpersonal Violence Prevention Initiative

    Suite 209, Multicultural Center

    (309) 298-2242


Psychology Clinic

     116 Waggoner Hall

     (309) 298-1919


University Counseling Center

     Memorial Hall

     (309) 298-2453


Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men's Development

     30 Horrabin Hall

     ( 309) 298-3047


Beu Health Center

     (309) 836-2021


McDonough District Hospital

     525 E Grand St.

     ( 309) 833-4101


Macomb Community Mental Health Center

     301 E Jefferson St.

     ( 309) 833-2191


WIU Office of Public Safety

     Mowbray Hall

     ( 309) 298-1949


Western Illinois Regional Council-Victim Services, Macomb

     223 South Randolph

     (309) 837-5555