Men Advocating Nonviolence - MembersMen Advocating Nonviolence - Members and Advisors

Cornell Bondurant

My name is Cornell Bondurant, and I am a senior at Western Illinois University majoring in social work and the president of Men Advocating Nonviolence.  I am currently working as a social services intern at the McDonough District Hospital.  I wanted to for MAN because I have always felt that I was not the typical "man." And with that knowledge I wanted to offer a different view of what it means to be a man in comparison to what it means to be "masculine" in the eyes of our society.


Joshua Gentile

I'm Joshua Gentile, a senior studying Philosophy and Creative Writing.  I've always been interested in developing my moral compass, and within the last few years, I've come to appreciate and understand some of the social justice issues that are present within our society.  One of the most striking realities that I've become aware of is the massive lack of development in the definition of manhood and masculinity.  Our current definitions of strength and power are outmoded and extremely damaging to the development of both women and men.  The unspoken but widely 'understood' definition of masculinity as inflexible, uncompromising, competitive, and 'individualistic' destroys boys' senses of self worth, and creates incomplete, barely human drones fit only for laboring under the current repressive power structure.  By changing the definition of masculine by striving to be more human, more aware, not only do issues of equality between men and women improve (which improves society as a whole), but our individual freedoms become valid instead of being held under the uncompromising reins of a stagnant ideology.  Progress becomes possible, even plausible instead of simply a happy thought no one is concerned with. Patriarchy damages men as well as women, and it's time to re-investigate our participation in a broken system that breeds violence and aggression.


Warren Grove

My name is Warren Grove, and I am a first-year graduate student in the College Student Personnel program.  I serve as a graduate research assistant in the provost and academic vice president's office and am also a board member of WIU's Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men's Development. I found out about Men Advocating Nonviolence through CSMMD when my advisor told me that a student group was forming to discuss men's issues and how we can grow and change for the sake of ending gender-based violence. I am a fun-loving pacifist that never uses violence to solve my problems, and I am happy to be involved with this group and share my strategies and experiences for nonviolence with WIU.


Bob Just

My name is Bob Just and I am a first year graduate student in the College Student Personnel (CSP) Program here at Western Illinois University.  As part of my graduate program, I hold an assistantship in University Housing and Dining Services as an Assistant Complex Director for Graduate and Family Housing as well as in Leadership Development and Orientation Programs.  Since arriving here on campus this fall, I have been an active member of Men Advocating Nonviolence (MAN), #MyWordsMatter steering committee, and am also a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship here in Macomb.  I became involved in MAN through word of mouth and have been hooked ever since the first meeting. I am an advocate for nonviolence and believe that we all have the power to control our behavior to create more inclusive environments.


Jonathan McGee

My Name is Jonathan McGee, I am a Sophomore Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and Political Science double major. I work at the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center, as a Residence Hall Ambassador, and a telecounselor in the admissions office. I am in the Learning to Lead Scholar program, Black Student Association Scholastic Chair, University Union Board Family Weekend Chair, Vice-chair of the Council on Student Activity Funds. I worked as an volunteer interpersonal violence prevention assistant last semester, and that is how I discovered MAN. I have never had any previous experience with Men's development but my interest has grown substantially since joining MAN.


Men Advocating Nonviolence - Advisors

Sean Dixon

My name is Sean Dixon, and I am an instructor at Western Illinois University teaching Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education.  I received my bachelor of science in mass communication - journalism (1989) from Illinois State University and my master of science (2010) in educational and interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in social foundations from Western Illinois University. I am the co-adviser of Men Advocating Nonviolence. I have completed Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention training (aka. Victim Services' Crisis Intervention training) and am currently pursuing Domestic Abuse Prevention Project (DAPP) training with the intention of facilitating DAPP and bystander intervention programs in Illinois. These activities continue to fuel my interests in working with this group of bright students.


Justine Johnson

My name is Justine Johnson and I am the co-advisor of Men Advocating Nonviolence and the coordinator of Western's new Interpersonal Violence Prevention Initiative (IVPI).  I earned my master of arts degree in gender and women's studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato (2011) and my bachelor of science in political science from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse (2008).  I really enjoy working with this group as we all learn together and challenge the ideas of masculinities. Everyone can help end gender violence!