Men Advocating Nonviolence - FAQs

What is Men Advocating Nonviolence (MAN)?

MAN is a pro-feminist group that provides educational programming and discussion opportunities for those interested in discovering ways to end gender-directed violence, which essentially is all violence.  We believe that the key to ending violence does not solely lie with changing government and university regulation.  Ending violence requires a change in our environment and the way we understand ourselves.  We believe that we are socialized to fit roles pertaining to our gender, which for some may result in frustration and debilitation.  Men Advocating Nonviolence wants to deconstruct gender roles and stereotypes associated with men and women in order to help others discover their authentic selves, a part of us that acts without need for violence.


Why should I join MAN?

The path to changing social standards related to expected gender roles is long and winding. We believe that these roles are constricting, one of the sources of gender-directed violence. The more that get involved with our organization, the greater the impact will be on our campus, and potentially the world. As more and more people learn how society influences our idea of gender, we will begin to see decreased hatred, violence and fear.


Can women join MAN?

MAN welcomes anyone interested in ending violence, regardless of gender.  Though our name may seem to say otherwise, Men Advocating Nonviolence is meant to symbolize a movement that encourages men to take responsibility for their actions, not a means to silo the anti-violence movement into gender specific groups.


When does MAN meet?

Our meetings are every Wednesday 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Women's Center Study Lounge in the Multicultural Center.  All are welcome to join us.