Research is clear that men are in crisis, particularly men from underrepresented populations. However, considerable disagreement exists about how to most effectively support men's engagement and development, while maintaining focus on social justice.

The Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men’s Development aims to provide quality scholarship, advocacy, and programming that positively influences college men’s development in a manner congruent with gender equity and social justice.   


The CSMMD is assisting in getting the word out about an international study examining individual men's attitudes and beliefs around their engagement in gender-based violence prevention efforts - Mobilizing Men for Violence Prevention International Survey:

The goals of the survey are to:

• Learn more about what brings men to violence prevention events and longer- term violence prevention work

• Hear what men think about these events, and how they are impacted by participating

• Learn what might encourage more men to get involved in ending violence against women

We are interested in hearing from men who have attended a single violence prevention event AND from men who have been working on the issue of violence against women for any length of time.

Masculinities and Men's Study dBase and References material link added to Western Illinois University library. See: http://wiu.libguides.com/masculinities

Journal of College and University Housing - Special Issue on Promoting the Learning and Development of College Men by Tracy Davis and Shaun Harper

Interview with CSMMD Director Tracy Davis on Tri States Radio - New Center Will Research Men's Issues

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"“He’s such a flirt,” was a common refrain when my son would gummily smile up and giggle at the women who stopped to see him. And they did stop. In droves. Remember, I told you how damn cute he was...."

My Father's Legacy by Burt Sorkey

"My father always wanted sons, and was fortunate enough to have 3. Unfortunately, he did not know how to communicate with us. I remember when I was little, between the ages of 4 to 6, he took me to the park and tried to play catch with me..."

Gendered Environments Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Buy a Tire by Burt Sorkey

"When I was in Social Psychology Class in grad school, we talked about gendered environments (perhaps there was social psychology jargon for it, but I think gendered environments speaks clearly). These are environments that are specific to one gender: for women, it might be..."

Gay Separatism (and Evolved Straight Men) by Burt Sorkey

"Back in the 70’s in the rip-roaring-radical town of Berzerkely, CA, I made the acquaintance of a number of women who labeled themselves “Radical Feminist Lesbian Lawyers.” My “in” to the group was a bisexual liberal lawyer who hung with my college roommates..."


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New Book

Masculinities in Higher EducationTracy Davis's next book, just published by Routledge and co-edited with Dr. Jason Laker, is entitled Masculinities in Higher Education: Theoretical and Practical Considerations .





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