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PreK-8 Science Update Conference

Every spring since 1985 the Science Education Center has hosted the Annual PreK-8 Science Update Conference. The purpose of this local conference is to bring teachers together to share activities and ideas for improving the teaching of science in preschool through 8th grade. Presenters at this conference includes outstanding science teachers who are willing to share their expertise. The conference also includes commercial exhibitors who share what is new in the area of science education. New for 2023 will be a JOT form registration process for teacher participants, presenters, exhibitors, Western student participants and grade 5-12 student participants. Payments for conference fees will be linked to PayPal through the JOT form.

Special Announcement: COVID-19 UPDATE

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and because of the newly discovered Omicron variant, the PreK-8 Science Update Conferences normally held during the 2022 spring semester is canceled. In anticipation of a possible  4th booster vaccine to address the new variant, participants of this event should not expect to see a face-to-face conference until the spring of 2023.  

2023 WIU PreK-8 Science Update Conference

Diversity in STEM Education: Science For ALL! April 2023 

Horrabin Hall - Western Illinois University - Macomb, Illinois

Conference Parking

Visitors to the WIU Campus attending the PreK-8 Science Update Conference may park in one of the parking lots near Horrabin Hall. It is suggested you park either in the parking lot south of Horrabin Hall and west of the WIU Library, or in the parking lot north of Horrabin Hall (Higgins Hall Parking Lot). DO NOT PARK IN ANY RESERVED SPACES. If you have a displayed handicapped permit you are allowed to use the spaces marked for handicapped parking. If you have a WIU issued registration parking permit then you are required to park in the area designated by your parking permit.

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