Welcome to DFMH—Message from the ChairMary Mhango

Welcome to the Department of Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality at Western Illinois University. This website provides the information and conveys the excitement of learning and discovering dietetics, fashion merchandising, and hotel/restaurant management in the B.S. degree. We invite you to explore our website whether you are considering applying to our programs or would just like to know more about us.

Our programs offer a comprehensive education in both the theoretical and practical aspects of dietetics, fashion merchandising, and hotel/restaurant management. Faculty and staff are friendly, available, and helpful, whether you are a major, minor or non-major of the FCS Bachelor of Science. We also offer scholarships to students in the fields of dietetics, fashion merchandising and hospitality.

The department is committed to quality education, research, public service and diversity within both the faculty and student populations. It has world-class faculty with expertise in a wide span of areas along with a campus-based dining café. Students take stimulating courses, carry out exciting projects, and experience ample opportunities to engage with faculty in research.

We continue to expand experiential learning opportunities for our students through internship, lab experiences, and field trips. There are also opportunities for students to study abroad.

Our graduates are prepared to assume management positions in corporations, hospitals and government agencies. Graduates are also prepared for graduate school and advanced technical training.

I wish you happy browsing! Questions and comments are welcome via http://www.wiu.edu/coehs/dfmh/ "contact us" or via our Facebook link.

Mary Mhango, Ph.D. Professor and Chair
Department of Dietetic, Fashion Merchandising, and Hospitality