Hospitality Administration Association (HAA)

HAA at AB Tour

The Hospitality Administration Association (HAA) is a DFMH departmental organization that is open to any student wanting to build their skills and knowledge in any aspect of the hospitality industry.  Regular meetings are held every other Thursday at 6:15 pm in Knoblauch 239 (the corporate dining room).  Aside from regular meetings, HAA gives students the opportunity to interact with other hospitality students and meet with successful professionals in the industry.  There are also opportunities for field trips to tour hotels and food and beverage facilities with unique “back of the house” experiences.  We are hoping to expand our group in the coming months and would love for you to check us out!

HAA E-Board:

President: John Mason

Vice President: Jennifer Ostberg

Secretary: Alicia Conenna

Social Chair: Carole Fleetwood

Treasurer: Diamond Parsons

Fund-Raiser: Ebony Cook

Public Relations: Ashley Ryan


Advisers: Dr. Abdelbary and Dr. Longley




Additional “special outings and events” are in the process of being planned—check out the HAA bulletin board on 2nd floor of Knoblauch for details!