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Food and Culture Club

The goal of the Food & Culture club is to enhance diversity, multiculturalism and global understanding while promoting cultural relativity using foods and culture.

The club aims to bring together elements of different academic disciplines across the campus with the arts and science of a culinary cooking and foods from around the world to provide its membership and the university community a medley of multicultural experiences. The club hosts two programs per semester featuring foods and culture of a region.

The club also has an ongoing research project titled ‘Enhancing Nutrition using Diversity and Multiculturalism”. The club encourages its members to present their research and participate in the Western Illinois University Undergraduate Research Day hosted by the Honors College.

Food and Culture Club is housed in the Department of Dietetics fashion Merchandising and Hospitality and is registered with the Office of Student Activities. The active membership of the club is open to all of the student body of the university. The faculty and staff of the Western Illinois University is also welcomed to join. The programs of the Food & Culture Club are partially funded by the Center for International Studies and the Council on Student Activities Funds.


Coming Events

This semester the Food & Culture events are tentatively scheduled for
Wednesday the 2nd of October and Thursday 7th of November .

Once again on behalf of the club I want to invite you, your students and
your student organizations to attend, cosponsor and participate in the

I wish to thank Dr Longley's classes and the student members and advisors of
SANE, HAA and VAMO for their participation, support and sponsorship of
the club events and activities.

The club and I look forward to working with you again this semester.

Rita Kaul
Advisor Food & Culture Club