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Food science secrets

Let's see how this works!

food science - Week 1
  • Candy and Soda explosions - Does it matter the type of candy and soda? Let’s find out!
  • Homemade yogurt with cow, almond, and soy milk - Which is best?
  • Smoking Fruit - Using kitchen ingredients, you can make your fruit smoke.
  • Edible Glitter and Edible Slime - Freak out your parents, and it’s all safe.
food science - Week 2
  • Make fruity pudding and homemade gummy worms. 
  • Fashion a food Volcano - Do not try this at home!
  • Working with crystallized sugar can be fun. Who doesn't love rock candy?
  • Light up your life (or your room) with a lava lamp, created from food.
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