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Divine Design

Divine Design - Week 1
  • Color wheel craze - Red + Yellow = Orange.  Learn how the color wheel is made and mix your own colors!
  • Tick tock! The clock is ticking. After you finish your color wheel, let's turn it into a color crazy clock for your bedroom wall.
  • Crayon Design Mania - Ever see melted crayon artwork? Today will be your chance to make a colorful design by melting crayons and letting them drip down the canvas.
  • Tactile Texture Thursday - It's all about texture today! Learn about the two types of texture that designers deal with and create your very own jeweled sunglasses.
Divine Design - Week 2
  • Mood Board Monday - Designers get inspiration from the world around them and you can too! Today we will work on a personal style mood board for your very own imaginary design company!
  • Visual Texture Tuesday-  Texture by sight? Design creations using fabric and spray paint?  Surprise yourself by designing a one-of-a-kind initial art picture!
  • Recycle an old T-shirt - Bring one or two of your old t-shirts to make t-shirt bracelets and headbands. The more colorful, the better!
  • Dress design - You will work with our mini mannequins to design your very own dress out of flowers and paper.
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