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Welcome to the Maurice G. Kellogg Science Education Center

Since the 1970's the WIU Science Education Center has been a component of the WIU College of Education and Human Services and the WIU Department of Curriculum and Instruction (formerly the Department of Elementary Education and Reading).  The members of the Department’s Science Education Faculty comprise the staff of the Science Education Center.  In addition to providing instruction to WIU undergraduate and graduate students the Science Center provides outreach programs both locally and throughout Illinois.

Two of the Science Education Center outreach programs include the Annual PreK-8 Science Update Conference and the Regional Competition of the Illinois Science Olympiad.  Other forms of outreach have included numerous professional development inservices for educators in all parts of Illinois.

The Science Education Center has written and delivered as well as collaborated with other agencies in delivering a number of grants such as The Young Scholars Program; Teacher-to-Teacher Grant; Improving Scores in Mathematics and Science; and Northwest Illinois Mathematics & Science Partnership.

For many years the Science Education Center has delivered Project Wild, Project Wild Aquatics, Project WET, and Project Learning Tree every semester to WIU undergraduate students.  Recently, a STARLAB Planetarium program has been added to their list of offerings.

In the Spring of  2005 the Science Education Center was renamed the Maurice G. Kellogg Science Education Center in recognition of Dr. Maurice Kellogg’s leadership in science both at WIU and throughout Illinois.

Past members of the Science Education Center include Drs. John Beaver*, Kevin Finson, Don Hamilton*, Maurie Kellogg*, Don Nelson*, Barbara Sandall*, Donald Powers* John Shaver*, and Don Troyer*. (* emeritus faculty)

Science Education Center Faculty

Science Education Faculty 2015

Sebastian Szyjka, Abha Singh, Don Powers (faculty emeritus) & LaVerne Logan

Maurice G. Kellogg Excellence in Science Teaching Award

The Maurice G. Kellogg is awarded to an outstanding science teacher in recognition of their dedication in the field of science education. Each awardee is recognized at the Annual PreK-8 Science Update Conference. Past recipients include:

  • 2003 - Elizabeth Burton
  • 2004 - Carol Van DeWalle
  • 2005 - Greg Van Vleet
  • 2006 - Steve Hoffman
  • 2007 - Kent Buckrop
  • 2008 - Tracy Trimpe
  • 2009 - Mary McMahon
  • 2010 - Judy Witten
  • 2011 - Julie Ann Bice
  • 2012 - Lisa Maxwell
  • 2014 - Maria Montalvo