Curriculum and Instruction

Lady and Boy - SpecializationAreas of Specialization

The following areas of specialization are available for candidates pursuing a Master of Science in Education with a major in Elementary Education.

Early Childhood Education

The goal of the early childhood education area of specialization is to provide candidates with opportunities to expand their knowledge, skills and understanding of the growth and development of the young child. Candidates are encouraged and supported in their search for new information about their particular interests and needs. Our mission is to help our candidates develop as learners, teachers, leaders, and “experts” in the field of early childhood education.


Literacy Education

The literacy education area of specialization is designed to extend candidates’ knowledge, skills and understanding of literature and language arts in the elementary grades. This specialization focuses on major theories, current research, and practical classroom application of strategies for supporting the development of children/adolescents' speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities.


Elementary Curriculum

The elementary curriculum area of specialization offers candidates a balanced program of courses in major subject areas of the elementary school curriculum. Candidates take courses from all four content areas: literacy education, mathematics, science, and social studies. Many of the courses in this area of specialization are available online.


Social Studies

The social studies area of specialization focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective teaching of social studies in the elementary and middle school grades.  Courses stress specialized content, as well as instructional and curriculum aspects of the total social studies program.