Curriculum and Instruction

Online Courses

Listed below are all of the online courses that can be taken in the elementary education graduate program.  Some are taught by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, while others are taught outside the Department.

C&I 403G      Middle Level Education

C&I 574         Assessment and Differentiation of Instruction

ECH 524       Intervention Techniques in Early Childhood Education

ECH 573       Infancy and Childhood

ECH 539       Curriculum in Early Childhood

ECH 565       Seminar in Early Childhood

EIS 500         Methods of Research

ELED 566     Recent Trends and Research in Elementary Education

IDT 503        Microcomputer Applications in Instructional Technology

IDT 516        Internet Resources for Education and Training

LA 567         Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School

LA 577         Writing in the Elementary School

LA 578         Language Arts for Diverse Learners

LLA 443G     Creative Uses of Literature for Children and Young Adults

LLA 525        Literature and the Reader

MATH 406G  Mathematical Reasoning in School Mathematics

MATH 500     Teaching of Elementary Mathematics

MATH 505     The Teaching of Mathematics in Middle Grades and Junior High

MATH 509     Standards and Assessment in School Mathematics

RDG 508       Phonics for Decoding and Spelling

RDG 553       Integrating Reading and Writing Through Inquiry

RDG 568       Foundations of Reading in the Middle and Secondary School

RDG 569       Reading in Early Childhood

RDG 570       Integrating Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Curriculum

RDG 580       Reading in the Content Areas

RDG 584       Vocabulary Development K-12

RDG 586       Language Development and Reading

SCED 509     Inquiry into Science Assessment in the Elementary Classroom

SCED 511     Science Through Children's Literature

SPED 518     Self-Determination and Independence

SPED 556     Methods in Autism and Language Disorders

SSED 568     Improvement of Instruction in Social Studies

SSED 572     Social Studies Curriculum