Curriculum and Instruction

Completing the Master of Science in Education Degree Program - Curriculum and Instruction

Initial Procedures

Complete Entry Requirements

  • Sign and return the Expectations of Graduate Students document
  • Contact your advisor to begin planning an appropriate sequence of course.
  • Familiarize yourself with the course offerings for the upcoming semesters.

Completing the Course of Study

    • Complete the Outline of Coursework. This is a tentative outline of your course of study.
  • Register for courses at your assigned date and time. Be sure to register early as courses do fill up.
  • When you have completed nine semester hours in your graduate program, you will complete the official Graduate Degree Plan. Enter all courses on your official Graduate Degree Plan, sign it, and submit it to your advisor who will obtain the necessary approval. The Graduate Office will mail an approved copy to you.
  • In your final semester, it is your responsibility to apply for graduation [pdf] [Word]. Deadlines are March 10 for the spring semester, June 10 for summer session, and October 10 for the fall semester.

 Guidelines and Policies

    • Courses on the degree plan must be graduate level. Twelve semester hours of 400g coursework is permitted. Note that a 400 level course taken as an undergraduate may not be selected in the graduate program.
  • With approval of the graduate advisor, six semester hours of eligible coursework may be transferred from another institution.
  • The time frame for completing the degree is six years. In certain circumstances, an extension of two additional years is permitted.
  • If, (with your advisor's approval), you make changes to your graduate plan once it is approved, you will need to petition to substitute appropriate courses. For this purpose, you will use the official Petition Form[pdf][word]. The form is also available on the Graduate School Website.