Curriculum and Instruction

Social Studies Education

The Social Studies Education Area of Specialization focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the effective teaching of social studies in the elementary and middle grades. Courses stress specialized content, as well as instructional and curriculum aspects of the total social studies program. This area of specialization includes the following components:

Core Requirements (12 SH)

EDS 500      Methods of Research (3 SH)

C&I 566        Recent Trends and Research in Elementary Education (3 SH)

C&I 574        Assessment and Differentiation (3 SH)

C&I 600        Graduate Seminar (3 SH)

Area of Specialization (12 SH)
Choose 12 semester hours from the courses listed below. 

SSED 550     Workshop in Current Developments in Teaching Social Studies (1-3 SH, repeatable; face to face)

SSED 568     Improvement of Instruction in Social Studies (online)

SSED 572     Social Studies Curriculum (online)

C&I 599         Independent Study (1-4, repeatable to 4; candidate will be assigned a faculty member to work with)

NOTE:  Those in the social studies area of specialization will be allowed to transfer graduate courses in history and the social sciences from other institutions into their program with approval of their advisor.  Also consult with your advisor for a current listing of graduate courses taught at WIU in history and the social sciences (or conduct a search on STARS).  It should be noted that some of these departments are now offering online courses.

Electives (6 SH)

Candidates may select from any of the courses offered at the graduate level by the School of Education. Graduate-level courses in other departments at Western may also be used as electives with advisor approval. Consult your advisor as well as the Graduate Catalog and the course schedule/registration materials for each semester's offerings.