College Student Personnel program

Application Checklist

Step One

Complete the Application for Admission with the School of Graduate Studies.

  An Application for a Graduate Assistantship is included in this process, and important for you to complete. You will also be asked to list the references that will be providing letters of recommendation to the College Student Personnel Program and the assistantship.  This list of people is one in the same.

□  Submit one official transcript of all previous undergraduate or graduate coursework completed at any college or university to the School of Graduate Studies.

 Do  not submit letters of recommendation, essay, or resume to the School of Graduate Studies. These documents should be submitted directly to the CSP program (see Step Two below).

Please allow at least two weeks for processing of the transcript and Application to the School of Graduate Studies.

Step Two

Submit supplemental documents directly to the College Student Personnel program. All forms listed as a part of Step Two can be submitted:  online via  email or postal mail.

□  Application Essays - Please write two short statements, of no more than 500 words each, addressing the prompts below.

  • Graduate school is a time in which you are exposed to different views, describe your experience with encountering different perspectives.
  • When choosing a graduate program, you are choosing an intellectual and professional community where you believe that you can learn and develop. How do you see the WIU CSP Program contributing to the development of your knowledge and skill? 


 Three Letters of Recommendation

    • The recommendation should be from individuals able to provide pertinent information regarding your skills, potential for success in the field of student affairs, maturity, and level of responsibility.  At least one reference should be from a faculty member familiar with your academic ability.
    • Those submitting letters of recommendation on behalf of a candidate may submit them online, through  email, or postal mail.