Teacher Education Program (TEP)

Candidates should have all requirements for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) completed by the end of their sophomore year. At this point, a candidate has accumulated 30-45 semester hours of course work. (See TEP HANDBOOK). Candidates for initial teacher licensure within the State of Illinois must be U.S. Citizens or contact the Licensure Officer concerning citizenship requirements related to licensure.

Full acceptance to TEP is required for enrollment in a number of education courses and prior to applying to student teach.

Requirements: To be fully accepted to the Teacher Education Program, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Submission of TEP application.
  2. Submission of an acceptable Reflective Paper. Candidates must submit their first reflective paper to their major department and receive departmental approval on WEPPAS.
  3. Satisfactory completion of 30 semester hours of approved course work.
  4. Completion of Eng 180 or transfer equivalent with a grade of C or better. 
  5. Completion of general education math course with a grade of C or above (MATH 101, 102, 106 and 206*, 123, 133, 134, 137, 138, 139 or STAT 171 or transfer equivalent (see advisor for specific course requirements for major).  (MATH 106 and 206 only approved for early childhood, elementary, bilingual and special education majors.  The sequence of 106/206 counts as 3 hours of General Education credit for the above named majors only).
  6. Acquire the required major and cumulative grade point average for the program: 2.75 required for Elementary, Early Childhood, Bilingual, Special Education and History majors.  2.50 required for Agriculture, English, Mathematics, Science/Biology-Chemistry-Physics, Art, French, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish.
  7. Candidates must pass the Licensure Test of Academic Proficiency (400). The test covers math, reading, grammar and writing.  This test is offered seven times each year.  Test dates, registration information and study guides are available on the ICTS  website, http://www.il.nesinc.com/.  Candidates must wait 30 days before retaking the same test on computer. Test preparation information is available on the CPEP website http://www.wiu.edu/CPEP/icts_test_taking_preparation.html. Students can also use scores from the ACT Plus writing (www.actstudent.org) or the SAT (http://sat.collegeboard.org/hom) in lieu of the TAP test. Students need a composite score of 22 on the ACT Plus writing and a minimum of a 6 on the Writing portion if taken after September 10, 2016 (ACT tests taken prior to 9/1/15 require a composite scores of 22 and a 19 in the combined English/writing subarea; ACT tests taken after September 2015 but before September 2016 require a score of 16 on the Writing portion); or a composite score of 1030 on the mathematics and critical reading sections of the SAT and a minimum 450 in the writing. SAT scores taken after March 5, 2016 require a composite score of 1110 (Evidence-based Reading and Writing + mathematics) and a minimum score of 26 on Writing and Language Test. ACT Plus writing scores and SAT scores must be sent to both WIU and ISBE. The code to send ACT Plus writing scores to ISBE is 3001. The code to send ACT Plus writing scores to WIU is 1158. The code to send SAT scores to ISBE is 6773.

    Superscoring is now available on ACT/SAT. If you do not have an overall passing composite score, we will add the highest subject scores from each test and divide by the total number of tests to for a composite score. Please email Licensure@isbe.net if you would like your tests superscored.

    Score reports that are received prior to the establishment of an ELIS account will be held for 30 days. After 30 days, the report may not be credited to your account.

    Official score reports that reflect a score less than listed above or lack a writing component cannot be used for issuance of an Illinois license or endorsement. Such score reports will be shredded and therefore, cannot be used to apply for an Illinois license or endorsement.

  8. Prior to any field work in schools/agencies, candidates are to supply verification of having completed the Fingerprint criminal background investigation report to each individual school district.  Candidates may be prohibited from completing field work if background investigations disclose arrests and/or convictions deemed problematic.  Information may be obtained in Horrabin Hall 91; questions may be directed to the Licensure Officer; 309-298-2117.
  9. The National Sex Offender, the Illinois Methamphetamine Manufacturer, and the Illinois State Police Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth registries will be checked by the candidates education advisor.
  10. Pass Teacher Education Technology Competency Assessment http://www.wiu.edu/TCA. (A non-refundable charge will be applied)
  11. Complete the State-mandated Safety Training http://www.wiu.edu/CPEP/teacher_safety/. 
  12. Complete the English Language Learner modules http://www.wiu.edu/tca.
  13. Portfolio requirement where applicable.  Check with advisor



Candidates may be requested to complete additional screening tests or to meet with the Selection, Retention and Appeals Committee prior to full acceptance.

Once an individual has been fully accepted into TEP, he/she must maintain the required: 2.5 cumulative GPA and 2.5 major GPA OR required 2.75 cumulative and 2.75 major GPA for history, elementary, early childhood, bilingual and special education majors.

Secondary education, Art, Music, Foreign Language majors must have full acceptance before enrolling in EIS 304, EIS 401 and C&I 403 or be permitted to apply to student teach or student teach.

PE majors must have full acceptance before enrolling in KIN 365, KIN 461, KIN 477, EIS 304, EIS 401 and C&I 403 or be permitted to apply to student teach or student teach.

Early Childhood/Elementary/Bilingual and Special Education majors must have full acceptance before enrolling in junior level departmental courses.

Candidates may be advised to consider a career change.

Denied applicants may request a review of their case by Selection, Retention, and Appeals Committee.