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Reflective Paper 1 Directions

Teacher education candidates should address the candidate dispositions in reflective paper one.

Reflective Paper #1 is submitted to the major department. Address each of the following items in your paper as you reflect on your decision to enter the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at Western Illinois University. Use the scoring rubric to organize your paper and to ensure you address each item listed below. For style and grammar, consult the APA (American Psychological Association) style manual, which is available where textbooks are sold, in the Reference section of the Malpass Library, in the back of the style manual used in ENG 180 & 280, or summarized on a website such as:

You will be evaluated on the following items:

  1. Reflecting on your strengths as a potential teacher, briefly specify your primary reason for selecting teaching as your career.
  2. Provide 1-2 examples of experiences working with students/children and what you have learned about teaching and learning from these experiences.
  3. The WIU TEP expects you to exhibit the 8 dispositions listed in the TEP handbook, including their indicators. Carefully review each of the dispositions and the corresponding indicators. (a) Identify and discuss at least one indicator for each of the 8 dispositions that reflects an area where you most need improvement. (b) Formulate and describe your plan to improve upon the areas identified in part (a) above. Remember to address all 8 dispositions.
  4. In addition to your ability to adequately address each of the above listed items, your paper will be evaluated on organization, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and writing mechanics.