Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education

Field Experience Requirements
  • WIU candidates must have an FBI Background and Finger Printing completed with results back in our office prior to the date of their field experience.
  • Dress professionally – CCC (clean, comfortable, covered)
  • Bring a lunch!
Field Experience Information
  1. WIU teacher candidates must dress professionally and behave in a professional manner at all times. You are guests in the school for the day. Be respectful.
  2. Please wear your WIU name tag in a prominent position at all times throughout the day.
  3. Bring course assignment materials, paper/pen for note taking, a lunch and water.
  4. Once at the school you will be placed in a classroom for the day. Introduce yourself to the classroom teacher and follow their instructions for the day. Be willing to help.
  5. During the day you will be expected to observe and take notes for your assignment. You may be asked to interact with the students. This will be under the direction and supervision of the classroom teacher. Be prepared to volunteer when you can.
  6. Stay alert and participate in the experience.
  7. If the teacher has a prep period, try to use this time to ask questions about the school and its students. This is a unique opportunity. Make the most of it by learning what you can about the school and school community.
  8. Please refrain from doing other course work, sleeping, or personal reading during this experience.
  9. Cell phones are to be left in the van or turned off. NO TEXTING in the school.
  10. There is a state law prohibiting tobacco products on school property, do not carry tobacco products on the trip. Please do not chew gum in the school.
  11. Emergencies can occur at any moment on any given day at school. In case of emergency, e.g. fire drill, tornado warning, code red, you are to follow the instructions of your classroom teacher
  12. You will be notified if weather conditions or any other situations should prevent travel.

Q: Is the Illinois State Police and FBI fingerprint background investigation required prior to my field experience in EIS 202?

A: Yes, you will need to make sure you have an up to date fingerprint/background check on file with CPEP. Do this at the beginning of the semester!


Q: How will I find out where I will be going on my field experience?

A: You will be assigned a trip date based on your course section. Information about the trip will be provided by a CPEP supervisor early in the semester during your class time. You will be assigned a school at that time.


Q: How do I get to and from my assigned school?

A: Transportation is provided by the University. Sections meet at Horrabin Hall on the day of the field experience and travel via 15 passenger vans. This is a full day experience generally from 6:00am to 5:00pm.


Q: What if I have class on the assigned field experience date?

A:Most trips take place on Fridays throughout the semester. This is a University sponsored field experience. An excuse letter will be distributed in class. It is your responsibility to present it to professors and make up any missed work. 


Q: What should I wear? What should I bring?

A: Professional dress is required. No t-shirts, jeans, shorts, flip-flops, athletic wear, hats, low cut tops or short skirts. Please remove excessive piercings and cover tattoos. Clean – Covered- Comfortable. Bring your own lunch and any course materials.


Q: Are there any assignments required based on this field experience?

A: Assignments connected with this field experience are assigned by the course professor.


Q: What happens when I arrive at the school?

A: You will meet the administrator and then be assigned to a class and host teacher for the day. You will spend the day observing and participating with this class. Plan to follow them to all their classes, lunch, and recess.


Q: Who will be at the school with me on that day?

A: Approximately 12 students and a WIU field supervisor will be on site during the entire day.

Feishans Elementary School Feishans Elementary Magnet School, Springfield School District #186, Springfield, Illinois.

A Fine Arts Magnet School for students focusing on literacy and the arts combine at Feishans Academy. Fine arts instruction begins in kindergarten. Students participate in daily fine arts instruction. There are 350 students in Pre-K-5th grades. Principal, Claudia Johnson.

McClernand Elementry School McClernand Elementary School, Springfield School District #186, Springfield, Illinois.

McClernand Elementary provides a positive environment for a diverse (ethnicity and economic) population of student learners, Pre-K-grades. There are 280 students enrolled with a student/faculty ratio of 15/1. Principal, Jennifer Gill.

Bowlesburg Elementry School Bowlesburg Elementary (Silvis), East Moline School District #37, East Moline, Illinois.

Bowlesburg is a K-4 building with 320 students.  The faculty of 27 highly qualified classroom teachers and specialists provide a positive learning environment with ethnic and economic diversity. Principal, Cathy Baumgartner.

Lincoln-Irving Elementary School Lincoln-Irving Elementary School, Moline School District #40, Moline, Illinois

Lincoln-Irving is a K-6th grade building with 435 students.  The average class size is 24 students.  The Dads' of Great Students program is active within the school.  The school is also part of the District Peace Builder Program.  Principal, Sharon Lantzky  

Nielson Elementary Nielson Elementary School,  Galesburg School district #205, Galesburg, Illinois.

Nielson is a K-5 building with 430 students.  It has been identified as an "Illinois Spotlight School" by the ISBE.  There are 28 full time faculty with 8 specialist faculty.  There is a focus on attendance improvement.  The student/teacher ratio is 16/1. Principal, Matt LeClere

George Washington George Washington Elementary, Moline School District # 40, Moline, Illinois

Washington is a pre-k-6th grade building with  an enrollment of 296 students.  It has 17 fulltime faculty.  There is a teacher/student ration of 17/1.  The school is part of the Retired and Senior Citizen Volunteer Program.  Principal, Michelle Pittington

Logan Elementary Logan Elementary, Moline School District #40, Moline Illinois

Logan Elementary is a K-6 building for 475 students. The average class size is 24 students and the student to teacher ratio is 17/1. Programs are available for Academically Gifted Students.

Principal, Karla Heinrich

Rock Island Academy Rock Island Academy, Rock Island School District #41, Rock Island, Illinois

Rock Island Academy has an enrollment of 479 students in grade levels Pre-K-6. The average class size is 15 students.

Principal, Lucille McCorkle


Denkmann elementary Denkmann Elementary, Rock Island School District #41m Rock Isand, Illinois

Denkmann Elementary is a Pre-K through 6th grade building. It provides educational opportunities for 469 students. The student teacher ratio is 20/1.

Principal John Frieden


Rock Island Center for Math

Rock Island Center for Math and Science, Rock Island School District #41, Rock Island , Illinois

Rock Island Center for Math and Science has an enrollment of 479 students for grade levels Pre-K through 6th grade.  This school was founded in 2009.  The student teacher ratio is 25/1.

Principal, Ruth Ann Tobey-Brown


Ridgewood elementary

Ridgewood Elementary School, Rock Island School District #41, Rock Island, Illinois

Ridgewood Elementary has an enrollment of 391 students in grade levels Pre-K through 6th.  The average class size is 23 students.  The student to teacher ratio is 23/1.  There are 17 faculty at this site.

Principal, Nancy Galbraith


Earl Hanson elementary

Earl Hanson Elementary, Rock Island School District #41  Rock Island Illinois, Illinois

Earl Hanson Elementary is a Pre-6th grade building.  368 students attend this site.  The student teacher ratio is 15/1.  There are 25 full time faculty at this school. 

Principal, Deb Taber 


Frances Willard

Frances Willard Elementary School, Rock Island School District #41, Rock Island, Illinois 

Frances Willard Elementary has an enrollment of 255 students in grades K-6th.  There are 17 full time faculty and the student teacher ratio is 15/1.  

Principal, Kathryn Taylor 


Enos Elementary

Enos Elementary Springfield School District #186, Springfield, Illinois

Enos Elementary is a K-5 building with 303 students.  Each teacher has a web page for parents and students.   Average class size is 13.

Principal, Claudia Johnson


Fairview Elementary

Fairview Elementary, Springfield School District #186,  Springfield Illinois

Fairview Elementary is a K-5 building with 284 students.  All faculty members have individual web pages for parents/ students.  School is a State of Illinois recipient of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program.  Principal, Cherre Morrison


Trewyn Middle School

Trewyn Middle School, Peoria School District #150, Peoria, Illinois

Trewyn School houses 445 students in grades 5th-8th.  There are 32 faculty members and the student/teacher ratio is 14/1.  It is one of 12 middle schools in the district. 

Principal, Renee Andrews


  • I learned that children were so similar and, yet, so very different.  They were very accepting of each other and of me.
  • I learned that not every school is the same and there are so many different ways of running a classroom or a whole school  It was very eye-opening to see a different type of school than I was used to seeing or attending.
  • I loved this experience!  I will take it with me throughout my teaching career.  What a great look into a very diverse school.
  • I loved our trip.  It really did open my eyes on what a teacher’s life really is like.  Keep doing this!  It will be very helpful for students in their futures.
  • Had a good time even though I honestly thought it was going to be terrible.
  • I will completely remember and utilize this throughout my program and future teaching.  I wanted a good experience and this school provided that.
  • The trip really made me think about how I would change my teaching in different demographic areas.
  • This was a very helpful and eye-opening experience!
  • I had a wonderful time and being in the classroom confirmed that I want to be a teacher more than ever.  I am taking a lot from this experience and I have a greater appreciation for the diversity across schools.

Students Learning EIS 202 - Social Interactions Field Experience

The increasing diversity of today’s classrooms means that it is vital for education majors to have field and clinical experiences in a variety of different settings. It is felt that such experiences will lay the foundation to help make you more effective practitioners who will be better prepared to work with students from various backgrounds and with differing abilities.

A grade of C or above must be earned in the field experience component and in the course for teacher certification.