Study Abroad Study Abroad - Teacher Education

Information for teacher education students who wish to study abroad is identified below.

  • We recommend all education students who are interested in studying abroad to meet with their academic advisors to explore the possibility of this experience. 
  • We strongly recommend the experience be scheduled during the sophomore year.
  • Courses that may be transferred to WIU from abroad and count in the individual academic plan will most likely be core classes. 
  • Field (pre-student teaching) and Clinical (student teaching) experiences completed abroad will not take the place of field/clinical experiences in the U.S. due to ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) and NCATE requirements for the education programs.
  • The Illinois State TAP (Test of Academic Proficiency) Test must be successfully completed prior to studying abroad.
  • Study abroad coursework taken in the summer should not delay graduation.
  • Bilingual and foreign language education majors should anticipate a full semester abroad.  Summer programs do not provide the depth of study needed for successful completion of the State Content Test and Verbal Test as well as successful student teaching.

Study Abroad

Questions may be directed to Jacqlin Richmond, Coordinator of University Field and Clinical Experiences, Horrabin Hall 91.  Phone#:   309-298-1281  Email:  J-Richmond@wiu.edu