If I experience problems while clinical/student teaching, whom do I call?

If you are having concerns with your mentor teacher and do not feel comfortable approaching the  W.I.U. Supervisor, you should contact:

 Jacqlin Richmond
Coordinator of University
Field and Clinical Experiences
Horrabin Hall 91
Phone:  (309) 298- 1281
Fax:  (309) 298-3386

  1. Who will evaluate the student teacher? The mentor teacher will complete a mid-term and final evaluation of the student teacher.
  2. Will the student teacher assist in the physical restraint of a public school student? No. WIU policy states that student teachers are not trained in the use of physical restraint techniques and will not participate in that type of activity.
  3. Which lesson plan format will the student teacher use? The mentor teacher will determine the lesson plan format as well as other specifics related to this topic.
  4. Will the student teacher assist with ‘before and after school’ activities or projects related to the job? We encourage student teachers to participate in school related activities or projects. This discussion should be held at the beginning of the student teaching experience.
  5. When should the student teacher begin teaching in the classroom? The process should be gradual. It is the judgment of the mentor that will determine when the student teacher will begin teaching.
  6. What type of classroom management/discipline techniques will the student teacher use in the classroom? He/she will adapt to the classroom rules designed by the mentor teacher. A discussion should be held at the beginning of the experience.
  7. What type of dress/apparel should the student teacher wear while student teaching? We believe strongly that the student teacher should dress as a professional. We also believe the appearance of the student teacher reflects on his/her performance in the classroom.
  8. What paper work will be required of the mentor teacher? The mentor will complete and send the original copies of weekly observations, a disposition form, a mid-term evaluation and a final evaluation to the University Supervisor. The student teacher should also be given a copy of these items.
  9. Should the student teacher be given a key to the classroom or building? No.
  10. Should the student teacher be included in meetings? Yes, for example parent/teacher, IEP, faculty and staff development.
  11. What if the student teacher is ill? He/she will call the mentor at home. Lesson plans should be completed a week in advance and copy given to the mentor.
  12. Can the student teacher substitute for the mentor teacher? No.
  13. Can the student teacher be responsible for supervision duty assigned to the mentor teacher? Yes, for example in the hall, cafeteria, library, and playground.
  14. Should the student teacher transport a student/students after a school event? Never.
  15. Will the student teacher have completed a TB Test and a background check with finger printing prior to student teaching? Yes.