Clinical FAQ

If I experience problems while clinical/student teaching, whom do I call?

If you are having concerns with your mentor teacher and do not feel comfortable approaching the  W.I.U. Supervisor, you should contact:

 Jacqlin Richmond
Coordinator of University
Field and Clinical Experiences
Horrabin Hall 48
Phone:  (309) 298- 1281
Fax:  (309) 298-3386

  1. What is the expected distance of travel to the assigned student teaching site?  It is the University’s goal that no student will have more than 1 hr. travel time, one way.
  2. May I student teach in my home district?  Students may NOT student teach in a school district where they have attended.  They may not student teach in a school or district where an immediate member of their family is employed or attends school.  An exception would be if the district were very large, with multiple high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.
  3. Can I work while student teaching?  The University recommends that students do NOT work while student teaching. The student teacher must notify the University Supervisor before the semester begins if it is necessary for he/she to work.  If a student is working during student teaching and problems arise, he/she will be required to make the choice between continuing student teaching and employment.
  4. While I am student teaching, may I be paid by the district to coach or sponsor extra-curricular activities?  NO (state code)
  5. What type of lesson plans will be required?  The classroom teacher will direct your lesson plans as to format and content.
  6. When will I begin to assume teaching responsibilities?  The classroom teacher will determine when the student teacher will begin each stage of the experience such as observing, classroom assistance, student instruction, classroom management, etc.  At some time during the experience, you will be teaching a full load.
  7. How often will I be evaluated?  The classroom teacher will be observing and evaluating on a daily basis, sharing this information with the student teacher. A weekly written observation will also be shared with the student teacher.  The classroom teacher will complete a mid-term and final evaluation.  
  8. How many days will I student teach?  16-week (minimum of 80 days).
  9. Do I have “sick” or personal days? NO.
  10. What if I am ill?  You will call the mentor teacher and the University Supervisor to tell them when you are ill.  You must make up the lost days.
  11. What vacation days do I have?  Your attendance schedule will be the same as for full time faculty in your building.  You will follow the calendar of the school district where you are placed; no WIU vacations or breaks.
  12. When do I begin (date) student teaching?  You begin the first day of classes at WIU.  If the school district requests that you begin earlier, you will begin earlier.  Year round schools, often have different attendance start dates in the fall.  Some districts require students to begin at the beginning of the spring semester.
  13. What if I am late to school?  Tardiness will not be tolerated.