Western Illinois University  - Policy on Use of Physical Restraint and Crisis Intervention

The Western Illinois University TEP (Teacher Education Program) holds the position that no WIU student completing field experiences, including student teaching, are asked to use or engage in the use of physical restraint on any child or youth at any time during their field experience.  WIU students have not been trained in the use of physical restraint techniques.

Western Illinois University requires that no WIU student be left alone in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations.  On the first day of their field experience, all students should receive written statements of the crisis intervention plans of the classroom/school and procedures related to student aggressive behavior.

If a student should find him- or herself in a situation which presents danger to self or others the student should…

  • take steps to protect his or her personal safety and the safety of others.
  • immediately contact a teacher, administrator, and/or school security guard.