EVALUATIONS - Subsequent Certificates

Individuals that have Illinois Teaching Certificates may apply for an evaluation for a subsequent certificate through the CPEP. The Certification Officer will evaluate transcripts, experience, and state tests results to determine a program of study for the subsequent certificate being sought. Course work and/or field experiences may be at the undergraduate or graduate level depending on specific certificate wanted. Departments may develop course work at the graduate level to meet content standards. Individuals may be required to take undergraduate, graduate, or a combination of undergraduate and graduate course work to remove deficiencies. Experience and teaching abilities will be considered for this evaluation.

Individuals seeking this evaluation should contact the Certification Office (309) 298-1434.

Once the proper documentation has been received the certification officer will review the information, work with the specific department as needed, and will send a letter outlining program deficiencies to be removed before recommendation for a certificate will be made. All state tests must be passed. The components of the evaluation may be changed if assessments indicate additional or fewer requirements are appropriate after a candidate has entered the program. If a candidate has problems with any assessments, internal or external tests, the evaluation may be revised, additional course work, and/or additional field/clinical experiences may be required.

A candidate completing a focused program is considered to be completing Western Illinois University's approved program for the certificate sought and is eligible to be recommended for certification by entitlement and that standards have been met.