NEW Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (400) Exam:  Effective April 2012

1) The current paper/pencil version of the Basic Skills (300) test will be offered through the April Administration (April 14, 2012).  Between February and April individuals have the choice of taking either the enhanced computer based test or the paper/pencil test (on one of the regularly scheduled test dates).  After April 14, 2012 the paper/pencil test will no longer be offered.

2) Individuals who have previously taken and passed specific sub-tests of the Basic Skills (300) will continue to have those areas they passed "banked" and will not be required to re-take those sub-tests on the enhanced Test of Academic Proficiency (400).

3) Effective February 2012 an expanded Illinois Test of Test of Academic Proficiency (400) will be implemented and available online year round.  The expanded test will include additional questions in each sub-area making the test longer.  In addition, probability will be added to the topics covered on the math sub-test.  The time limit for the entire test will remain at five hours.

4)  This enhanced test will only be available in a computer-based format through Pearson Vue Centers (www.icts.nesinc.com).  Individuals will be able to schedule a time to take the test whenever the test center is open (generally Monday-Saturday).

5) The cost of the enhanced test will be $125.  If an individual only needs to retake one sub-test the fee will be $75.

6) The enhanced Test of Academic Proficiency (400) is considered a new test so individuals will be allowed five times to pass the enhanced test regardless of number of times they attempted the previous Basic Skills (300).

7) The minimum passing scores for each of the sub-tests on the enhancedTest of Academic Proficiency (400) will be reviewed and set by the Illinois State Board of Education.  This process will cause a delay in reporting of scores for individuals who take the enhanced computer-based test in February.

8) The current study guide will remain available, but an enhanced study guide will be available for a fee of $40.00.

WIU recommends you thoroughly prepare for this exam before registering for it.  There are a number of useful resources available on the CPEP website.  One of the most valuable resources has proved to be that offered by Longsdale Publishing http://www.longsdalepub.com/icts-test.html