WIU-QUAD CITIES  - Transfer Course Guides

Thank you for considering our programs at the Quad Cities campus. Western Illinois University is the Quad City area's only public institution of higher learning offering a wide range of bachelor's and master's degrees.

Please note- the majority of WIU-QC students transfer from Black Hawk College, the Eastern Iowa Community College District, and Sauk Valley Community. Therefore, the following guides were designed with the majority of our students in mind.

If you intend to transfer to WIU-QC from another institution in Illinois please speak with your advisor there and/or review this site: http://www.student.services.wiu.edu/admissions/info/transfer/CCHS/artind.asp. If you intend to transfer to WIU-QC from an out-of-state institution, please contact Curtis Williams, Assistant Director of Student Services/Admissions, at 309-762-9481 ext. 236.

The following check lists, with your community colleges course numbers, will assist you in transferring to either WIU in Macomb or in the Quad Cities.

Elementary Education

Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration