General Information - Transfers

Elementary, Early Childhood, Bilingual, Special Education and Secondary Education Major Information


Transcripts: Be sure to remember to have your final transcripts sent to WIU. A delay in receiving the transcripts could jeopardize your next semester registration. When you receive your copy of the course evaluation form (green), review it carefully to see if you have received proper credit. Discuss any questions or concerns with your advisor.

E-Mail: All students need to make sure they activate and use their WIU e-mail (ECOM account). All offices on campus and most faculty will be utilizing this system to correspond with you. Special workshops will be held during Orientation Week. Check Orientation brochure for time and place. The University does not recommend the forwarding of WIU e-mail. Forwarding your mail removes the security protocols that are in place with the WIU accounts. Much of the information sent to you by the various offices on campus may contain personal/confidential material.

School Address: If you are not living in one of the University residence halls, it is very important for you to make sure you have filed your local school address and phone number with the Registrar's Office. Otherwise, all mail and phone calls will be sent to your home address. Changes can be processed through the "Comment" screen on STARS, in the Student Assistance Center of the University Union or the Registrar's Office (Sherman Hall 110).

Pre-registration for the next semester begins in November/April [spring/fall semesters]. The registration appointment day and time may be found by logging onto STARS. Pre-registration times are assigned by the Registrar according to the cumulative hours earned at the end of the preceding semester. Those students with the most hours have the opportunity to pre-register first and those with the least hours will pre-register last. All encumbrances must be cleared before you will be allowed to register.

You must plan your program for the pre-registration period with your Academic Advisor prior to registering on STARS. Do not wait until the pre-registration period starts to see your advisor, or you may miss your STARS pre-registration date. Transfers should make their appointments early in the semester. Advising appointments can be made beginning the second week of each semester.

Course offerings for the semester may be found on STARS.

Scholarships: There are a number of university and departmental scholarships available to new incoming transfer and freshmen students. Be sure to also check the individual major department website for information and applications available through them.

Tutoring/Counseling: If you are having trouble with any of your courses or personal problems, be sure to check the services available through the University Counseling Center. Tutoring is also available through the University Advising and Academic Service and most academic departments. Check with the instructor for location and times available for that department's academic assistance center.