Activating WIU E-Mail Account

All students need to make sure they activate and use their WIU e-mail. Early warning grade notices, financial aid information and other pertinent information for students will be sent via e-mail. The CPEP Center will also utilize this service in communicating important advising issues with the students.

To activate your WIU e-mail account, go to https://www.wiu.edu/guava/account-activation/   Follow instructions and use your ECOM username (lowercase) Check your e-mail at https://zimbra.wiu.edu/

Call the University Technology (uTech) Help Desk at 309 298-2704 or visit the UTech office (Stipes Hall 126) or the Student Assistance Center in the University Union, if you have questions or need assistance. Students at the Quad Cities may visit the computer lab in room 142.

Note: DO NOT FORWARD this email account! Forwarding removes the security features AND you may not receive emails because of SPAM blockers in other email programs.

It is University policy not to reply to any address other than WIU accounts for confidential information requests.