Bilingual/Bicultural Education


Welcome to the Bilingual Education major advising page. Please check this site often as additional information will be posted throughout the semester.


NOTE:   The Bilingual Education major is a five year program.  All bilingual majors are required to study abroad one full semester, either fall or spring.


  • Test of Academic Proficiency (400) required for acceptance to TEP (ACT Plus Writing or SAT may be used in lieu of TAP Test0
  • ELED (#110) required for clearance to student teach
  • Target Language Proficiency (#056) required for clearance to student teach
  • edTPA required for successful completion of student teaching and licensure.

Study guide and registration information is available on the website www.il.nesinc.com.


Contact EIS Department 298-1183 or Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann 298-1045 for schedule.


Students must have a cumulative 2.50 GPA to receive permission for any C & I freshman/sophomore level course . Permissions will not be granted for any C&I upper level course (300/400) unless the student has a 2.75 GPA and is "fully accepted" to TEP.