Transfers with Associates of Arts in Teaching

Western Illinois University is a participant in four Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) degree programs, a statewide agreement that allows transfer into one of four specific teacher education programs in early childhood, mathematics, science, or special education (LBS I). Completion of an A.A.T. degree from an Illinois community college in one of the four approved fields (early childhood education, mathematics, science, or special education) will only be accepted for transfer into a teacher education program in the same field. Students transferring into Western Illinois University with an A.A.T. must meet cumulative GPA requirements for being accepted into Western’s teacher education program. Those completing the A.A.T. in mathematics or one of the sciences (biology, chemistry, or physics) must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 from the community college where they completed their program. Those completing the A.A.T. in early childhood education or special education must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75. Students completing an A.A.T. should contact the Center for the Preparation of Education Professionals at 309/298-2117 for additional information. 

The following link to the Illinois Community College Board provides an overview of the history of the AAT as well as multiple links to ICCB documents.  http://www.iccb.org/aat.html

Significant course waivers and/or substitutions are made AFTER matriculation/enrollment at WIU.  The following three documents provide a layout for the course work and program requirements to be completed upon transfer to Western Illinois University. 

The AAT in secondary science is under review by ICCB.  Candidates transferring to WIU having completed an AAT in science will be handled individually, and thus no program layout is available at this time.