College of Education & Human Services

Educational Technology Awards

Submission Deadline:  April 20, 2011
Please send submission to the COEHS Dean's Office by deadline.

Purpose of Awards

The purpose of the awards will be to provide recognition to an individual student or faculty/staff member or groups of students or faculty/staff members who have made a significant contribution to promoting educational technology in their organization or community. Educational technology is defined as technology used to enhance teaching and learning and/or provide educational opportunities or improved service support to students and faculty. (Note: The focus of these awards is in the educational application of the technology, not the technology itself.)

Award Categories

An award will be bestowed for each of the following two categories: a) COEHS Student Award (undergraduate or graduate student), and b) COEHS Faculty/Staff Award.  Eligibility is limited to students and faculty/staff in COEHS. The project or program should have been completed in 2010.

Criteria for Selection

In 500-1000 words, please describe your individual or group’s educational technology realted effort(s), program, or project completed during 2010. Please include a description of each of the following applicable items:

a.  A brief summary of the project or program.

b.  Innovative use of technology. Innovative and imaginative projects or programs that showcase creative solutions to new or old problems or innovative use of technology that increases understanding of how an emerging technology can enhance teaching and/or learning.

c.  Excellence. What are the results of your project or program and why are they considered outstanding?  What impact has your project or program had related to teaching and learning in the organization or community?

d.  The commitment and ownership that you or the members in the group had in identifying, implementing, and/or providing ongoing support for these educational technology related activities.

e.  Organizational or community benefits achieved through your program or project that that leads to excellence in teaching and learning.

f.  The degree your project or program contributed to the cause of a larger educational technology effort, project, or program.

g.  Additional information related to the scope and impact of your effort, project, or program.