College of Education & Human Services

QR QuestQR Quest:

We hid it, you find it!

Join us in a fun new QR quest scavenger hunt at TechFest.  There are two ways to use your camera enabled smart phone or iPod Touch that day!

The first way is that participating presenters will have a QR code at their table. When a visitor scans the code, the presenter's contact information will automatically be entered into the visitor's address book for follow-up at a later time.

The second way is by participating in the QR Quest Scavenger Hunt. Those visitors who want to to participate in the scavenger hunt will be able to scan a QR code at participating presenters' tables. When the code is scanned, participants will be taken to a website that asks a question about the presentation and then reveals a clue as to where to find the next question. Answer the question correctly and you will earn points! Those participants who earn the highest number of points will be provided with multiple chances to win the grand prize of an Apple iPad!