Council of Administrative Personnel

University Technology: Kimberlee Wisslead

Kim is currently the Associate Director for the Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT). She has a Masters of Science in Instructional Technology and Telecommunications. She began her career at WIU 19 years ago as a researcher for the use of technology with children with disabilities. Kim has worked in the field of adult education and has also directed several online training projects involving training K-12 teachers in the uses of technology in the classroom and online professional development for higher education, state agencies and businesses in her work as Assistant to the Dean in the College of Education and Human Services and as Associate Director at CAIT. She has taken, taught and designed online courses since 1995. Kim currently oversees the instructional design team at CAIT and assists in strategic planning and outreach. She serves as a client liaison, grant/proposal writer, and directs many large-scale projects within the organization.