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The Presidents Journal

One of the goals of The Presidents Institute is to provide a venue for leading young scholars to work in their respective fields. Student scholar will have the opportunity to present high-quality research and other works under the guidance of experienced faculty members.

Call for Research, Papers, & Creative Projects

We invite you to be part of The Presidents Journal. Current WIU students as well as recent alums, graduate and undergraduate (who have completed their degrees within the last two years) will showcase their original research, papers, and/or creative projects before a global audience.
The original single-authored or co-authored (three students maximum) research, papers, and creative projects should be the result of independent and original library, laboratory, or field research projects.
Papers must be endorsed by a full-time WIU faculty member who was either mentoring or supervising the work.
Paper submissions must also include all required approvals for work involving human subjects (IRB) or animals (IACUC) where necessary.
Entrants should write in a manner that can be understood by people in other disciplines. All submissions must be submitted electronically.
We are very interested in your research: if you have an unpublished article and are seeking publication, please send an electronic version to us.


About the Presidents Institute, Presidents Press

The Presidents Journal provides a web-based, peer –reviewed platform for college students or recent graduates to showcase academic papers, research and creative projects before a global audience. The Presidents Press seeks papers, research, and creative projects that were initiated by academic instruction and composed by students to fulfill class and graduation requirements in their respective academic disciplines. Papers, research, and creative projects submitted will be evaluated and those selected will be featured within The Presidents Press as an online publication. Some will be published as featured papers, prominently visible on The Presidents Institute home page.


Information for Authors

There are three types of papers which will be considered for The Presidents Journal: 1. Research articles, 2. Position papers, 3. Creative Pieces and Reviews.

Research articles follow the model of the traditional sciences including an abstract, literature review, a review of methods, results, conclusions, and references. Research articles should be limited to approximately five pages with tables and figures.

Position papers can include short analyses of social or other issues facing the community, the state, country, the nation and world as a whole. These pieces should include a summary of the author's main premise and a supporting argument for that premise and be limited to one to three pages in length.

Creative Pieces and Reviews can include any number of short stories, poems, or reviews of others' creative work. Length of these pieces will depend on the nature of the work itself. Reviews should be limited to one to three pages while creative pieces will depend on the nature of the project.

In all cases, article submissions should include the following items:

1. The papers, research, and creative projects should be original, and not previously published.  Do not submit material that is currently being considered by another journal.
2. The title should not exceed 10 words, and the abstract should not exceed 200 words.
3. All submissions should be electronically submitted using MS Word formatting.
4. Authors of accepted publications will be eligible to reserve copyright privileges with WIU.


Peer Review Policy

The Presidents Journal is a peer reviewed publication. All papers, research, and creative projects appearing in this publication undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.


Editorial Procedures

All papers, research, and creative projects considered appropriate for this publication are reviewed anonymously by at least two independent reviewers. The review process usually takes two to four weeks. Papers, research, and creative projects are accepted for publication subject to no substantive, stylistic editing. The Editor, however, reserves the right to make any functional, non-substantive necessary changes, or request the author to do so, or reject the paper submitted. A copy of the edited paper, research, or creative project along with requests for revision will be returned to the author for modification or clarification. The author should return the document to the Editor within seven days. Once the paper, research, and creative project has been approved for publication, no further changes or alterations will be permitted.


Submission of Manuscript

All manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication.  
For more information or to submit your work, please send an email to ThePresidentsInstitute@wiu.edu.