Centennial Honors College

What is a University?

As our student organization begins to develop, we ask, what is a university? At our informational meeting on Tuesday, September 24th at 5pm in the Honors College, we will begin to explore this idea. What are the purposes of a university? What must students do at a University for the institution to succeed? To get access to the Google Doc, please attend our meeting or email ThePresidentsInstitute@wiu.edu

Town & Gown

We will study the history of community-university relations from Battle of Scholastica to the current trends of today. Upon learning this history, we will equip ourselves for a case study of the Macomb area with the goal of offering short-term and long-term solutions to the city government and university administration.  Please email Chris Busker at ck-busker@wiu.edu to learn more about this group.