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The Presidents Institute Application Form

The Presidents Institute brings students from every discipline to collaborate, be creative, and to find solutions to society’s problems. The primary aim of The Presidents Institute at Western Illinois University is to provide students the structure with which to perform leadership roles, think and express themselves creatively, and participate in a national dialogue about the important issues facing the world today. The institute is modeling after the most prestigious think tanks in the world today such as the Cato Institute, the Brookings Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. The uniqueness of this institute is that it involves a diversity of students who will come from any discipline. All students at Western Illinois University are eligible. The following application is for a position at The Presidents Institute.

Student Information

Short Answer Questions

Answer the following questions in 50-150 words.

Additional Requirement

One letter of recommendation from a Faculty Member is also required. Please email the letter to ThePresidentsInstitute@wiu.edu after the submission of this application.