Centennial Honors College


Students may complete an honors curriculum in University Honors, Departmental Honors, or General Honors.  All Honors students must complete the one-hour honors colloquium (GH 299).  General Honors includes General Honors coursework.  Departmental Honors includes honors work in the major.  University Honors combines Departmental and General Honors. 

The Department of English and Journalism has a triple obligation:  supporting the development of student writing throughout the university, contributing to the general education of all students and providing an understanding of content and methods for those specializing in the disciplines of English, English Education and Journalism.  Students majoring in Journalism must complete 36 semester hours of coursework for the Bachelor of Arts Degree.  The central objective of the honors experience is the development of high-level reading, research and writing skills so as to prepare students to successfully complete an undergraduate honors directed study on a topic of their choice in journalism, advertising or public relations.  The honors requirements in the major are designed to be completed in the junior and senior years, although they may be started earlier.  The honors major in Journalism prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, including newswriting and reporting, editing, publishing, advertising, public relations, magazine writing, photojournalism, corporate communications, press relations, and grant writing.

Grade Requirements

  • 3.4 overall GPA
  • 3.4 GPA in honors courses

General Honors Requirements

  • Two General Honors seminars (6 semester hours)
  • An honors section of the First Year Experience (3 semester hours) (a General Honors seminar may be substituted in some cases)
  • GH 299 (one semester hour)

Departmental Honors Requirements

  • GH 299
  • 12 semester hours of in course honors in Journalism courses, nine of which must be earned at the 300400 level. Jour 425H for 3 semester hours must be included in the 12 hours.
  • 3 semester hours of Jour 425H, a long journalism writing project. These three semester hours will count toward the 12 semester hours required above.

University Honors

  • Two General Honors seminars (6 semester hours)
  • An honors section of the First Year Experience (in some cases a General Honors seminar may be substituted)
  • GH 299
  • 9 semester hours of honors courses in Journalism, six of which must be 300400 level
  • 3 semester hours of Jour 425H, a long writing project.