Centennial Honors College

Instructional Design and Technology

Students may complete an honors curriculum in University Honors, Departmental Honors, or General Honors.  All Honors students must complete the one-hour honors colloquium (GH 299).  General Honors includes General Honors coursework.  Departmental Honors includes honors work in the major.  University Honors combines Departmental and General Honors. 

Honors students in Instructional Design and  Technology must complete all requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Instructional Design and Technology.

Grade Requirements

  • 3.4 overall GPA
  • 3.4 GPA in honors courses
  • An A or B grade for honors credit. A grade of C or lower in an in course honors course will count toward coursework in the major, but not toward the Honors curriculum.

General Honors Requirements

  • Two General Honors seminars (6 semester hours)
  • An honors section of the First Year Experience (3 semester hours) (a General Honors seminar may be substituted in some cases)
  • GH 299 (one semester hour)

Departmental Honors Requirements

  • GH 299
  • 13 semester hours of designated department honors to include: 9 hours of 300400 level in course honors, 3 hours of the 9 may be in an approved cognate area course, and 4 hours of a special honors portfolio project (ITT 489H). Designated in course honors courses include ITT 205, ITT 440, ITT 445, ITT 480, or other courses subject to the approval of the departmental honor advisor.
  • Honors Portfolio: The special honors portfolio (ITT 489H) provides an opportunity for the student to:
i. Showcase honors projects and other exemplary work
ii. Arrange selected artifacts to showcase essential skills, competencies, or special knowledge
iii. Develop evaluative or interpretive narratives to accompany selected artifacts
iv. Demonstrate an ability to conceptualize, design, and organize selected material using an appropriate media (e.g. computerbased portfolio on the web)

University Honors

  • Two General Honors seminars (6 semester hours)
  • An honors section of the First Year Experience (in some cases a General Honors seminar may be substituted)
  • GH 299
  • 13 semester hours of designated departmental honors to include:

1. 9 semester hours at the 300/400 level of in course honors
2. 3 semester hours may be in a cognate area of in course honors (subject to approval)
3. 4 semester hours of the honors portfolio (ITT 489H)